2023 Golf Clinic - Three Day Mini School

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Whether you are an executive, a recreational player or an entry level student this

three-day golf school will give all golfers a renewed confidence and excitement about their ability to play and enjoy their game.  Come learn to play golf with us in a no pressure atmosphere where you will feel at ease in improving your game.  This program offers six hours of quality instruction. The focus of this program is to provide skill building of the full swing, short game, putting and bunker shots as they apply to real life situations on the golf course.  This school will address and allow you to understand your swing, but just as importantly how to execute important shots and think on the golf course.

  • Effective practice routines
  • Drills to aid you in improving your skills
  • Quality instruction with certified LPGA professional
  • Learn in a quiet, relaxing environment
  • Small, personal and affordable
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