Callaway Mack Daddy 4 Wedge

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More Spin From Groove-In-Groove Technology

A unique suite of features and technologies promotes enhanced spin and control

  • 20D Groove: The lower lofted wedges (52° and below) feature a 20D groove for consistent spin on fuller shots
  • 5D Groove: The higher lofted wedges (54° and above) have an aggressive 5D groove for maximum control out of the rough and around the green

Four Sole Grinds to Suit a Variety of Playing Styles, Attack Angles, and Course Conditions

Multiple options to easily execute numerous types of shots from the fairway, rough, and sand

Pro Tip: C-Grind and the new X-Grind Mack Daddy 4 wedges are ideal for golfers that like to play a variety of different shots or play at a course that offers a wide range of lies. W-Grind and S-grind Mack Daddy 4 wedges are extremely versatile and ideal for golfers who primarily like to hit their wedge shots with a square face.


Increased relief, especially at the heel, makes it easier to play a variety of shots with the face open. Ideal for medium-to-shallow attack angles and or dry to medium course conditions. 8° bounce.


Medium-width sole with slight ribbon at the back and moderate heel relief to keep the leading edge low through impact, providing solid contact on open-faced shots. 10° bounce.


Sole is wider at the center and toe and narrower at the heel, with moderate heel relief and generous front-to-back camber.  That prevents digging without increasing bounce and keeps the leading edge close to the turf at impact.  More versatile than the previous W-Grind. 12° bounce.


This new grind features a narrow, high-bounce crescent sole, with the low point near the front. Excellent for moderate-to-steep attack angles and medium-to-soft course conditions.  12° bounce.

Satisfying Feel from Soft Carbon Steel, Precise CG Locations and Crisp Turf Interaction

All three elements work together to deliver a remarkable feel at impact. Callaway's system of four weight ports and milled aluminum medallions allows them to position the heads CG progressively upward as loft increases for a solid feel on every shot.

Broad Range of Loft and Bounce Combinations

21 loft-bounce combinations (with available lofts from 46, 48, 50, 52, 54, 56, 58, 60, and 64), the most ever for a Callaway wedge.

Choice of platinum Chrom or Black Matte Finish

Premium appearance and high durability from elegant Platinum Chrome or sleek Black Matte finishes.

Tour-Inspired Shaping

Callaway's most rigorously tested and Tour-validated wedge ever, leading to a more compact shape, straighter leading edge, and tighter leading edge radius. The  tight radius makes it easy for clean contact on tight lies for maximum spin and control.

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